Transmission & Driveline

transmission repair

Vehicle transmissions can be one of two types. Standard transmissions require the use of a clutch to change gears. Automatic transmissions have eliminated the need for a manual clutch. Automatics are also divided into two types. Traditional automatic and CVT or continuously variable transmissions.

The hydraulic, automatic transmission became a popular option in the 1940s. Today automatic or CVT transmissions dominate the market. Standard transmissions are no longer standard equipment or even available on many models. Automatic transmissions have advanced in performance and popularity. They are easier to operate and simplify driving.

Whether your vehicle has a standard, automatic, or CVT transmission. We can maintain and repair it. Count on Dean & Daughters’ Repair Shop in Estevan for all your transmission needs.

As we mentioned before. The driveline includes the components that connect the transmission to the drive wheels. It consists of axels, driveshafts, joints, differentials, and even wheels. Drivelines differ for rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, and four-wheel drive. You may never use driveline in conversation, but it is crucial to transportation. At Dean & Daughters’ Repair Shop in Estevan, we use driveline in conversation. We use it in diagnostics, maintenance, and repair too.

In conclusion. Please consider Dean & Daughters’ Repair Shop in Estevan. For all your driveline and transmission needs. Call us at (306) 634-6114. Visit our shop at 116 Hwy 47 S, Estevan SK.