Diesel & Gasoline Engines

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Diesel & Gasoline Engines

Before hybrid and electric-powered vehicles arrived on the market. All vehicles had gas or diesel engines. Saskatchewan has more registered vehicles than people. There are around 400 electric vehicles in the province. That leaves about 1.4 million vehicles with gas or diesel engines. At Dean & Daughters’ Repair Shop in Estevan, we are ready for the challenge. If you have a gas or diesel vehicle in need of maintenance or repair. You have come to the right place.

Diesel Engines

Diesel engines have certain performance characteristics that appeal to some people. They offer superior torque for great towing power. Diesels often deliver better fuel efficiency and longer engine life. There are fewer diesels compared to gas engines on our roads. This can make finding proper servicing an issue. Most mechanics work on gas engines on a daily basis. Competent diesel mechanics are harder to find. Dean & Daughters’ Repair Shop in Estevan has you covered. We have a journeyman mechanic with 30-years of experience working on diesel engines. Bring your diesel into Dean & Daughters’ Repair Shop in Estevan. We will get it fixed right the first time.

Gasoline Engines

Most vehicles on the road today have gasoline engines. Older models have carburetors, newer ones have fuel injection. Vehicles almost always have a 4-stroke gasoline engine. This engine uses an oil reservoir to lubricate the piston movement in the cylinders. 2-stroke gas engines use gasoline mixed with oil for lubrication. These engines are generally found on small, hand-carried tools. Tools like chainsaws and gas trimmers. Our focus is on the 4-stroke gas engine located under your hood. If your gas engine is not performing, we can help. Our computer diagnostic tools will pinpoint the problem. Our journeyman technicians will resolve the issue and get you back on the road. Whether your vehicle has a 1 litre or 8.4 litre engine. Four, six, eight, ten, or twelve cylinders. Dean & Daughters’ Repair Shop in Estevan is the place to go for repairs and maintenance. Tune-up to rebuild, we do gasoline engines right.